Stock Media Questions & Answers

Who should buy stock photos?

Stock media offers anyone needing photos, images, illustrations, and/or video footage for a project that includes visuals that they are tsked. Stock media are also excellent visual aids for websites, blogs, social media sites, digital online newsletters, and video sites like YouTube and other types of publications. Stock media is the preferred choice by millions of people needing diverse marketing materials for use in any project needing some sort of visual image. Individuals, businesses, and nonprofits all have a use for stock images.

How do I boost my projects with your stock media collections?

The internet and the world are getting more visual every day. It is important to have impactful, and professionally designed visuals to attract eyes from your target market. The eye-catching power of visuals is one of the most important factors in the success of your projects. Our collections offer your many choices to create that wow factor that will draw people in!

Why is buying a “media collection” better?

When you buy a media collection from Stock Images & Video Mega Store, you buy a collection of stock media that has been expertly hand-picked by the same people continuing to serve the online publishing needs of a diverse list of clients. All of our media collections are reassembled by digital media experts, some with more than twenty years of choosing and assembling digital stock media collections for their diverse list of clients. You will receive a lifetime of royalty-free and commercial-ready stock media assets for the price you would commonly pay for the rights for a single stock media asset. So you can save a ton of time trying to locate that perfect image or video footage. You will also save a lot of $$$$$$. The specific industries we plan to produce stock media collections around include medical, dental, pest control, real estate and building contractors. The list of industries we will target for our media collections is vast and will take years to assemble. Should you need assistance assembling a custom media collection? Please let us know by reaching out to us, and we can discuss possible options.

How much does a media collection cost?

Stock Images & Video Mega Store offers industry-specific media collections normally priced between 20 and 50 dollars, depending on the volume of stock media needed. Our industry-specific media collections are very competitively priced, and we are confident you will receive one of the greatest values for your money ever.

Are we free to use your stock media assets?

Not free, but very cheap! All stock photography has a license attached to it, so it must be paid for in order for almost any commercial or personal use of the respective royalty-free digital media to be used. There are websites that offer free stock assets; however, we offer industry-specific media collections with expertly picked media assets ready for a lifetime of commercial and/or personal use. At Stock Images & Video Mega Store, you will always see our industry-specific media collections competitively priced.

How are your stock images so much cheaper than the competitors?

Because we sell collections and not individual images. Our pricing is much like that of “bulk pricing,” allowing us to offer lower prices than buying individual images, photos, video footage, icons and other as part of our industry specific media collections.

Are stock photos legal?

If you have purchased and paid for the stock images, stock videos or other stock media, then you are legally allowed to use the stock media purchased. It is a good idea to keep a record of all stock media transactions. Using stock media only becomes illegal if you steal or download them fraudulently. This is why we recommend only using stock media from legitimate sources such as Stock Images & Video Mega Store which is 100% owned by a 12-year veteran who continues to provide a diverse list of clients with digital media assets including stock media, and the Seattle SEO company is also rated triple-A by the Better Business Bureau and supports a record of zero client complaints., ever.. Try hard to avoid shady free stock media websites that can cause you legal issues in the future.

Will your stock images have the watermark on them?

No, once Stock Images & Video Mega Store delivers your choice of media collection, the entire media collection is delivered without a watermark. Watermarks are used on stock media only when displayed on the Stock Images & Video Mega Store website.

What quality are your stock collections?

Our stock media collections are available in different sizes and resolutions and also are found to be most popular with veteran online digital publishers. Our stock media can also be edited to fit your specific needs and have been included in their respective media collection for the stock media’s versatility. Most importantly all the stock media assets are available in high quality. Whatever your project needs you will surely find the right stock assets offered in an industry-specific stock media collection by Stock Images & Video Mega Store.

What type of visuals are included in your collection?

Each media collection offered by Stock Images & Video Mega Store will vary in specific types of digital media included in a respective media collection. We currently offer many types of stock media in our industry-specific media collections; our collections are considered all-inclusive. We include a variety of videos, images, animations, and vector media files in each of our industry-specific media collections.

Where can I use the stock images I have purchased?

Once you have purchased a media collection from Stock Images & Video Mega Store, you are free to do with the media what you wish both online and off, and for personal or commercial use.

What industries do you offer collections for?

We currently have a medical collection. In the future we will be adding collections for Pest Control, Dental, and others! Our parent company has more than 10 years servicing the online publishing needs of a long list of industries. The plan is to use that experience to offer expertly handpicked media for each.

Can I modify or change the stock media?

Absolutely! The photos, videos and other assets included in a respective media collection are yours to edit freely. Some images which were handpicked can provide an endless number of uses. The editability is one of the images features we take seriously when grouping prospective images to be included in a respective media collection. Simply put, if you need to modify the asset, or change it in any way, feel free to do so!

How do I edit stock images/assets from the collection?

You can edit the media and stock images using any standard image editing software, paid or free. If you need assistance editing images that is only one of the many services supporting designers and online publishers that are provided by Stock Images & Video Mega Store. Just contact us and we would be happy to help you with your image editing needs.

What type of license do your media collections have?

We have a royalty free license for all our media collections. So, feel free to use the media and make your next personal or commercial project a success!

What does royalty free mean?

It means that you can use the stock media an unlimited number of times without having to pay for it every time. You are free to use the media on any of your upcoming projects as many times as you would like.

What if the images I am looking for are not in your collection?

Our collections are thought out to be a very comprehensive all-inclusive set of stock media that can be used for most any purpose. Some of the images were handpicked by online publishers and media experts to provide an image offering objects and elements that can be used to make an endless number of media assets and images. If you are looking for something more specific, we can help. Let an online media expert help locate and select the perfect images for your needs. Just contact us and we would be happy to help you.

Am I required to give credit to you or the creator if I use a stock asset in my project?

Our stock media has no attribution requirements. So no, you are not required to mention “Stock Images & Video Mega Store’s ” as the source of the images. However, we would be happy if you did!

How do I purchase your media collections?

All of our media collections are easy to purchase securely online using your preferred payment method.

How will my stock media be delivered?

Once payment has been received by Stock Images & Video Mega Store, we will email you with a link to the entire collection. Ready for a lifetime of personal and commercial use with unlimited downloads.

How easy is it to download my stock media collection?

Very easy! After purchase you will be emailed the access to your industry specific media collection and you can download all the media files. It’s simply clicking a link and saving the respective file on your computer.

Are there limits to how many times I can download purchased media collections?

All “media collections” come ready for a lifetime of personal and commercial use with unlimited downloads.